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The Stop Smoking Project

Anti-smoke project for Pharos at Dutch Design Week

A smoke-free generation starts with the first smoked cigarettes by teenagers. The average smoker starts smoking around 12-16 years old. They are aware of the fact that it is addictive and kills. Yet it does not stop them from starting smoking in the first place.


Commercials and pictures on the packs creating awareness are being ignored because they are not designed for the right target group. 


That is why there has to be looked into their interests which, in this case, is Instagram. The app has a big impact on their lives and that is why it is used a lot these days with the help of people that are an inspiration for the younger generation. It takes away the learning tone that is implied in the other commercials.


A product that implies a statement, but is not mandatory to have, makes it easier to spread the word. It would be a symbol of anti-smoking. You can literally give it to someone else to share the statement again.

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