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The Stop Smoking project

A smoke-free generation starts with the first smoked cigarettes by teenagers. The average smoker starts smoking around 12-16 years old. They are aware of the fact that it is addictive and kills. Yet it does not stop them from smoking. Commercials creating awareness are being ignored because they are not suited for the right target audience.

That is why there has to be looked into the

interest of teenagers that are (amongst others) influencers on Instagram. The app has a big impact on their lives. By creating a pin that can be shared by influencers to proudly present to be a nonsmoker the teaching tone that is implied in the other commercials is taken away, giving room to follow their inspirations freely.

Art Direction, Product Design, Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design

Designers - Julia van Soest

Model - Nicky Vollebregt