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Cover Art

Branding, Graphic Design,

Designer - Julia van Soest

Photography - Natalia Boorsma
Artists - GINGE, Renee Rijpstra &

Dong-Gi Kim

The Netherlands Diary - Dong-Gi Kim

An album inspired by Dong-Gi’s stay in The Netherlands. Eight compositions made up of different locations of which the beach Scheveningen stood out as one of his favorite spots, especially during a full moon. The cover arts were requested to be simple, with a clear reference to his favorite spot; the harbor.

Belly - GINGE

A series of four design covers for the EP Belly by GINGE, made up of 3 singles and one EP cover. The EP is made up of up-beat pop playful feminine songs. These themes were requested to be brought back into the cover art. The warm red, pink, and orange shades bring out the passion described in the songs, while the oil chalk shows the frivolous take on the lyrics.