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A Taste of Love

It’s a
Glance at your horizon
Two eyes, meeting mine
Wandered off shells
Hiding the ocean’s pearls

I sink, my
Knees grow weak and all I want
Is one bite, one touch
Of your vanilla skin
Slipping softly through these foreign hands
While the bittersweet taste of two lips

It’s a
Shiver of fingertips
Stroking down my spine, outline
The curves of your
Sugarcoated body

Melting like ice, like
Pumpkin pie
I crave
A sweet-tempered scent
Rushing, finding it’s way
To the nerve endings

Color my cheeks
Blood red berries,

Two inflamed bodies
Spiraling around until
They land in milk
And honey
Where birds-of-paradise sing
And then it’s all
Poem by Nikki Ong

An interactive installation. A feeling, translated to not only imagination but something that can be felt, heard, smelled, listened to, and tasted. A place where all focus is on the subject of ‘love’.

Art Direction, Product Design, Branding, Illustration, Graphic Design
Designer - Julia van Soest
Poem - Nikki Ong
Voice over - Tony Knight